Stefanie Trow, born in 1982, spent her childhood in South Yorkshire within a close family unit. She pursued her love for art from an early age, encouraged by her parents, both of whom are aspiring artists themselves. Her talent clear for all to see, with early works showcased in school and local public spaces, Stefanie went onto graduate with a BA Hons Visual Arts from Salford University. Immediately after her graduation Stefanie spent a year travelling the world, immersed in different cultures and meeting all walks of life, which some may argue has undoubtedly influenced her art.

Stefanie has always been fascinated by the human form, using the body and face as a means to transcend her thoughts and feelings on the world around her.

Her most recent series ‘Eloquent Silence’ is inspired by nature, the human condition and the art of looking. This really came to the forefront of Stefanie’s mind since giving birth to her daughter in 2015 and the subsequent many hours spent walking around parks and being immersed in nature.

During this time Stefanie was able to reflect on what was important to her and fully appreciate her surroundings. It also dawned on her how rarely we as a race ‘look up’ – but conversely a baby in a pram does little more than stare at the tree canopy, branches and leaves. It is only when she considered this different viewpoint that she realised the potential for new works in the natural shapes, colours and patterns that lay above.

Using these ideas as a vehicle to abstract the figure, Stefanie’s canvases have grown into a bold and vivid amalgamation of outdoor life experiences and time spent in the studio. Both figures and foliage merge and melt into one another, leaving us struggling to separate one from the other.

Stefanie wants to intrigue her audience, to draw them closer to the details of the work, discovering the layers of brushstrokes that have been built up to create each piece. At first the paintings appear semi abstract but if we keep looking a new world starts to take shape.

She has completed numerous private commissions, exhibited throughout the UK and most recently was asked to feature in Artist Baaba Maal’s music video “Gilli Men”. She now continues to work and live in Manchester, surrounded by her young family.