Born in South Yorkshire 1982, Stefanie Trow studied at Rotherham College of Art and Salford University, graduating in Visual Arts in 2004. She now lives and works in Manchester.

Stefanie Trow’s work centres on the human gaze – her unique compositions leave us to question what cannot be seen or what exists outside the framework.

Each work is inspired from an assortment of images and sketches – found and from life -becoming starting points for Trow’s emotive paintings. The work considers themes of memory, movement, obstruction and colour meaning.

Intense bold colours are pulled and scraped across the canvas, creating an expressive language of their own. Trow’s expressive brushwork gives way to movement. The paint just about holds onto the image, creating an ebb and flow of realism, taken away from us sometimes by abstraction.  Like trying to grasp a memory, parts of the paintings remain vivid, whilst others drip and slide away from us, pooling into a new reality, ready for the viewer to unearth.