Waterside Open Exhibition 2014

The Waterside Open Exhibition is about half way through now – how time flies! I was unfortunately ill on the opening night and wasn’t able to attend but since then I’ve now been able to visit and take in the exhibition and its pieces.

One thing that really resonated with me as I was leaving was how many different styles and pieces of work were displayed across the 3 rooms. From the small, ornate sculptures that had won 3rd place to the photographs of the Battle of the Somme, and the portraits, landscapes, oils, pencils acrylics and textiles which decorated the blank walls. The show was well curated, grouping various pieces together to ensure there was similar pieces together but yet each had its own identity and stood out from the neighbouring works. I also left reflecting on the standard of the exhibition and that much of this talent came from the local areas, from artists entering as a hobby to those competing on a professional basis.

Finally, it was great to see such a steady stream of people entering the gallery to view the work. The voting box was filling up with people voting for their “Visitors Choice Award” and most enlightening was the class of children in the café area finishing their art class – young talents of the future being creative, whilst surrounded by the art. It made me happy to see art accessible for all and that communities are able to enjoy the work of others, produce work of their own and have access to such a broad selection of art available on their doorstep….and for us artists it’s great to have our work displayed in such a professional gallery and as part of an exhibition which is of such high quality.

Exhibition from Sat 8th Feb – Sat 24th May. For more information visit www.watersideartscentre.co.uk